2016 Photos

ARTs Alive!

Thanks for participating in the 2016 Arts experiences in downtown Pewaukee!

The goal of ARTs Alive is to encourage everyone to experience a variety forms of the arts.


En Blanc Assembly:  Literal translation is "all white" assembly.  Participants wear white as much a possible. Snacks are of one color, tables draped with white.  You get the picture!

Plein Air Painting:  Literal translation is "outdoor painting".  The first evidence of painting by artists outdoors was in the 16th century in Italy. In the 19th century, French Impressionists made plein air painting popular with famous scenes and landscapes.  Plein air painting is popular today across the world.

Trivia-Like Game:  A team game that will be a lot like the trivia contest format you are familiar with.  It may include audio clips, visual and 3-D questions as well. Prizes and lots of fun.