Saturday, July 25 - 1 p.m.

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Garden #8 Stone Bank Farm Market

Visitors entering this restored 1860's property will first notice the historic home and potting shed that border these lovingly tended perennial gardens. The gardener is passionate about her plants, mainly selected to benefit birds, butterflies, bees and other pollinators while nurturing them using organic gardening methods. You could linger here and feeling the solace and joy that this garden brings to both humans and wildlife. The Gardener is an artist. Her work is the background butterfly painting here

Auction Item: #8A Paper Source and Smile Make your bid at Pewaukee Area Arts Council Facebook page

Paper Source Brookfield gift certificate for 4-6 people for a one-hour card making class, decorative travel cup, Origami paper string paper party lights, car air freshener lavender scent, Serene House portalbe ultrasonic aroma diffuser, mindfulness cards - simple practicing exercises for everyday life, Compartes Organics dark chocolate, plant-based collagen blueberry almond bar, bottle of run chata

S $50 BIN$260

Auction Item: #8B Dint's Plein Air Painting

20x24 wrapped canvas acrylic painting by famous local artist Dint Sweitzer

Plein air painting of a plein air painter. Styled byDint with wig

S $100 BIN$350


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Performing Artists Today:

Painters Barb Kelsey and

Chris Steinmiller

The Fricker Sisters - Dancers

Barb Kelsey

Chris Steinmiller