Thursday, July 23 - 9 a.m.

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Inn at Pine Terrace

A luxury bed and breakfast nestled in the heart of Lake Country, the Inn at Pine Terrace was built as a summer residence in 1879 as a grand cream city brick home for the two brothers, Peter and Henry Schuttler. The borthers modeled their home on the design of a French nobelman's castle near Vienna. In 1986, the owners invested more than 1.5 million dollare to restore the inn. Since then, Inn at Pine Terrace is one of the finest and largest of the Victorian mansions still standing in Oconomowoc today and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Learn more at

Auction Item: #7A Schulte's Gift Card Make your bid at Pewaukee Area Arts Council Facebook page

$100 gift certificate to Schulte's Garden Center in Pewaukee. Matted mini watercolor painting by PAAC artist Andrew Green. No Expiration

S $50 BIN $125

Auction Item: #7B Home Sweet Home

Handmade ceramic birdhouse by Hartland sculptor Marlene Millevolte, art glass hummingbird feeder, Home Sweet Home sign, Ruggeris Deli gift certificate for $30

S $25  BIN $100


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Performing Artists Today:

Artist Anne Raskopf, painter

Singer, Jackie Nicholson

Anne Raskopf

Jackie Nicholson