A Special Project Currently involving

PAAC Members

The Dollhouse Project

This beautiful Doll house

is on a monthly loan and

scheduled for viewing, projects and activities:


  Please stop by and enjoy the structure, memories and projects at the locations below. 

Please  contact PAAC if your organization would like to have the Doll House

for a month in 2020 (no charge).

January 2020 - Pewaukee Library

February 2020 - Matthews of Pewaukee Assisted Living

March 2020 - Delafield Library

April - Cecelia Place Assisted Living

May - Matthews of Hartland Assisted Living

June through December 2020 - Open

October Updated Photos Below

The scale is 1:12 

The dollhouse was donated by Caryl Dellis

(PAAC member).  

Team leader is Jen Herro. 

James Garton is upgrading the electrics. 

Contact Juli Garton