PAAC welcomes your help, whether you are an artist, art appreciator or simply want to bring more creativity to Lake Country. If you have time to help, you'll meet lots of dedicated, funloving volunteers. Are you a beginning, emerging or professional artist? We'd love to have you join us at a monthly meeting or participate in our creative endeavors. Student? Come to network and share. And of course, donations are always welcome.



New Events: Our membership loves a challenge. Our arts council formed around the infamous clay stomp (now on display at the Pewaukee Public Library). The sky is the limit...send us your ideas, or donate your time and talents to help us out!


Annual and Past events: 


Spring Bling! Fundraiser 


Showcase of Art  

Waterfront Art Fair  

Plein Air Painting 

Art on a Bag

Community Galleries 

Art in the Park 

One Vision: A Fusion of Art & Poetry 

Helen Farnsworth Mears Art Exhibit & Contest  

PAAC'd With Talent 

Lake Country Photo Contest

12 Days of Pewaukee with Positively Pewaukee

Pewaukee Fall Fun Fest with Positively Pewaukee  

Waterfront Wednesdays participating through Positively Pewaukee  

Art in the Downtown with Positively Pewaukee   

Holiday Fest with Positively Pewaukee