PAAC and The Women's Club of Pewaukee 

presents the

Helen Farnsworth Mears

2020 Middle School Art Contest 

Middle School student winners received awards, ribbons and admiration by peers, parents and the public. 


All art entries are currently on display through March at:


The Pewaukee Library

210 Main St.

Pewaukee, WI


Awards were presented on Saturday, February 22 at the Library

Seventh and eighth grade students from schools in Waukesha County were welcome to participate through their local Woman’s Club, or by contacting:


Pewaukee Woman’s Club

Sue Goldstone


or Juli Garton, PAAC Member


Background on the artist: Helen Farnsworth Mears was born in Oshkosh in 1872 and is honored throughout the state in spring.


Helen was a self-taught sculptress. Her nine foot marble sculpture called “Genius of Wisconsin”, commissioned for the 1893 Columbia Exposition now stands in the Wisconsin State Capitol. The Milwaukee Woman’s Club gave Ms. Mears a $500 grant to study in New York and perfect her talent following the Exposition. Her health declined following an unfortunate rejection of a nearly complete sculpture she assumed was under commission. It is not known but thought that she died of starvation in New York in 1916.