Monday, July 13 - 3 p.m.

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Enjoy three terraced organic vegetable gardens that surprise

guests in this city garden.

Flowers surround the property to promote pollination,

with arches and garden features to delight your senses in this

newly landscaped city garden

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Irene Taylor - Artist at the

July 13trh Garden


For the Birds:

Original watercolor painting of a feather by artist Jen Herro. Hardy Birds Unlimited birdhouse, bird feeder, bird seed. Bark Butter Bits, Suet Nuggets, Naturally Nuts Duet Cake and Suet Cage,two bags of wild bird seed. A hummingbird swing, small high perch hummingbird feeder, nectar guard tips, Birds of Wisconsin Field Guide by Stan Tekiela, double hanging glass poppy feeder.

S $150, BIN $350

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