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Call for Imaginary Journey images for PAAC Networking Meeting

Hi, all!

Consider this a call for images from your favorite trip or adventure—real or imagined! This will become part of our virtual journey to wonderful places during our March 8networking meeting (6pm via Zoom; link will follow).

Please email me your favorite images from past trips, favorite places or your own imaginary journey. These could be vacation photos, artwork you’ve created, or illustrated poems. Whatever you can send to me digitally. I will assemble them all into a slide show so that you can tell your story as we show the images. (For the sake of my sanity, please try to get the images to me by Sunday, March 7.)

Help me talk this up. Help me spread the word to other PAAC members and friends. The more people involved, the more robust our imaginary journey will be! And, goodness knows, we could all use a bit of escape from Covid-winter these days!

This is late-breaking news so I am taking the liberty of sending you this direct communication. More info will be coming through traditional PAAC vehicles…

Stay creative, friends!


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The journey images sound really cool!

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