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Plein Air Painting Competition

Plein Air Painting Festival

Celebration of Art

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Painting 8am–1pm

Judging 1pm, awards & celebration following

Location: Hawks Inn, 426 Wells Street, Delafield, WI 53018

Cost: $20

Pewaukee Area Arts Council welcomes you to our inaugural Celebration of Art Plein Air Painting Festival! Join us for fun and camaraderie with your friends and peers on the beautiful grounds of Hawks Inn Historical Society. We need your creativity, your talent, your unique artistic style and personal voice as a participant in this competition. On August 13 you’ll experience many other creative events at the Celebration of Arts: live theater, fresh-floral creations inspired from artists’ paintings, art demonstrations, photo and weaving displays, and music and dance throughout the day.

Plein Air Painting Festival Information


Participation in the Plein Air Festival is open to all artists, age 18 or older

Registration is required along with a $20 entrance fee

Send completed registration form to PAAC, PO Box 221 Pewaukee, WI 53072


All artists must check in at the Plein Air Registration Table. Check In will open from 7am to 10am.Walk-ins welcome.

Blank art substrates (canvas, board, paper) MUST be stamped on the back at the registration table, regardless when you arrive, prior to starting to paint/draw. This ensures that all submitted work has been created during the event. Unstamped works will not be eligible for judging.

For dark materials, please provide a white patch as a legible stamping area.

Painting starts at 8am. Set up can occur earlier.

All pieces must be completed, signed, framed, wired, and placed in the viewing area at Hawks Inn on an easel to be ready for judging by 1pm on August 13.

Artists may produce as many pictures as they choose on August 13, but only one may be submitted for judging.

Check-in stamp must be visible on the back of each piece of art to be considered for judging.

100% of each artwork submitted for judging must be created onsite, within the event venue boundaries. A piece will not be considered for judging if the artist is standing outside these boundaries.

Artists may paint the Hawks Inn property or anything else they choose as long as they are within the event boundaries (refer to the attached map).


Minimum size acceptable is 8”x10” (or 80 square inches) unframed. FORMULA: sq. inches = length X width

Mediums may include: oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, gouache, inks and pencils

Three other paintings in addition to the one submitted for judging, either created that day or on an earlier date, may be sold onsite. The above size requirement does not apply.

Artists will be responsible for displaying their 3 additional works


PAAC will retain a 35% commission on sales of works submitted for judging. All payments must first be made to PAAC and the artist will be sent a check for the remaining 65% balance within two weeks, to the address provided on the registration form.

Artists may sell up to 3 additional paintings created prior to August 13 as well as those painted onsite during the event but not submitted for judging. PAAC will retain 35% of those sales and all payments must also be made to PAAC. The artist will then be sent a check for the 80% remaining balance within two weeks, to the address provided on the registration form.


All artwork will be sold at the prices selected by the artist

Price changes will not be allowed after artwork submission

All submitted artwork must be for sale


• Judging will take place at 1pm on Saturday, August 13, 2022

• Judge: Susan Farmer-Tiefenthaler, Professor Emerita, Art in Continuing Studies, UW-Madison

Awards will be announced immediately after judging is completed.

Photos of all award winners will be taken.

Sales will be open to the public until the close of the evening’s events at approximately 6pm.


First Place: $500

Second Place: $300

Third Place: $150

Honorable Mention (4): $50

Winners will be sent a check to the address provided on their registration forms


Following the awards presentation, all plein air art will be displayed for sale on the Hawks Inn premises until the end of the evening’s events, no later than 6pm. All unsold artworks must be picked up by the artist or a designated agent at this time.


Artists may unload and load their materials in the zone along Pamelia Street indicated on the accompanying map. You will be advised where to park upon unloading.

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