Showcase of Art 2019

Waukesha Public Library


2-Dimensional Art
3rd place $100 Ethan Alexander, Waukesha South HS: “Lady with the Book” Charcoal
2nd place $200 Lauren Martin, Arrowhead HS: “Self Portrait” Pencil
1st place $300 Josephine Lorman, Waukesha South HS: “Where Were You, Where Was I” Pastel
Honorable Mentions
Blake Lang, Waukesha South HS: “Lost” Photography
Duce Diaz, Waukesha South HS: “It’s a Beautiful Day” Oil
Isabel Schreider, Waukesha South HS: “Drained” Acrylic
Jenna McWilliams, Arrowhead HS: “Busy City” Pastel
Kaylie Walters, Pewaukee HS: “Self Portrait in the Style of Egan Schielie” Digital
Jacinda Ybarra, Waukesha South HS: “Waiting for Her” Charcoal
3-Dimensional Art
3rd place $100 Anna Grzeszczak, Pewaukee HS: “Sushi” Clay
2nd place: $200 Dulce Diaz, Waukesha South HS: “The Gloomy Trio” Clay and Glaze
1st place: $300 Cheyenne Tuft, Waukesha North HS: “Bowling Box” Metals
Honorable Mentions
Garrett Mayfield, Oconomowoc HS (winning 2): “Welded Triangle” Steel
“Bag” Clay and Shoe polish
Hannah Kroupa, New Berlin HS: “Shifting Gears” Clay and Glaze
Mary Quinn, Arrowhead HS: “Untitled” Clay
Alyssa McKinnon, Oconomowoc HS: “Feed the Fish” Mixed Media
School Awards – funds go to their Art Departments
First Place $200 Arrowhead HS ~ 105 Students entered
Second Place $100 Waukesha South HS ~ 48 students entered
Random Drawing $100 Waukesha West HS

People’s Choice (Students): Molly Posta, Waukesha South HS: "Megan" Charcoal
People’s Choice (Masters): Jen Herro, PAAC Member: "7 Stack" Watercolor

The Showcase of Art is a biannual event that features art created by  Waukesha County 

high school and college students. The work is judged, and cash prizes are awarded.

Art teachers and PAAC members are invited to display their art as well, and the public is invited to visit the library and

view the artwork during the month of April

The Showcase of Art is at the Waukesha Public Library

The Exhibit will remain open through April 30th, 2019

Showcase members are proud to announce

a generous donation of $3,000 from the Waukesha County Community Foundation, a $500 donation from Walmart,

and a $1,500 donation from The Imagine A Day Foundation.