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Virtual Art Show and Competition for Waukesha County Art Students & Masters Gallery

The Showcase of Art (SOA) competition and art show will take place online in 2023 sponsored by the Pewaukee Area Arts Council. We’re so excited to see what everyone is creating and photographing!

Due to the success of our online Showcase of Art in 2021 – with more than 400 submissions – we’re continuing to hold the competition and gallery show virtually in 2023 with submissions made here. We plan to hold an in-person winners’ reception in April.

Get your 2D and 3D art ready to show. We accept photographed submissions. Cash awards to many. Reminder postcards will be sent to Waukesha County high schools and colleges.

View gallery of student artwork online from April 1 to May 1, 2023.

Thank you for your participation and interest in SOA 2023!

Link to submit photographed art submissions will be live from March 1

to March 15, 2023. Instructions for submissions are just below this link.


Please review these instructions, and refer back to them as you go through the process of your online SOA submissions.
Once you enter the Portal, you will be required to complete 3 sections. Sections #1 “Contact Info” and #2 “Artist Profile” are only completed ONCE. (Yes, you will need to enter your name and email twice)
Section #3: “Artworks”, is completed SEPARATELY for each piece you are submitting.
You are able to begin in the Portal, get started, Save, and come back as needed, to complete your submission(s). (If you need to re-login, artgalleria will email you a link after you input your email address)

Let’s get started:

Section 1: Contact Details

Self-explanatory, please complete all fields.

Section 2: Artist Profiles

Click “add artist”

ALL fields are MANDATORY (even if duplicative). NOTE: if there is a downward triangle at the right-side of the box, it’s a drop-down menu. You must make a selection (cannot type something in).

Section 3: Artworks

You will complete this separately for each of up to three works you are submitting to Showcase. (You may not enter “Same” or anything that refers to a previous Artwork, each is a stand-alone entry.)

Complete ALL Fields, except where Not Applicable. Like, “Secondary Medium” or “Other” for Medium, if that doesn’t apply. If it doesn’t apply, leave it blank.

NOTE: if there is a downward triangle at the right-side of the box, it’s a drop-down menu. You must make a selection (cannot type something in).

• After completing the inputs, page-up and add your file under “Artwork Images”.

• You may submit ONE image for a 2-D piece, and up to THREE images for a 3-D piece.       

• Please review your inputs carefully. PAAC will NOT review & correct for spelling, grammar or punctuation. What you input, is what will appear in the online Gallery.

• Once you have completed the info for a piece and saved it, you will be redirected to your Portal dashboard, where you MUST click on the “SUBMIT” button beneath each artwork. 

• In that same area “3. Artworks” is where you’ll see a button “ + Artwork ”, to submit another entry.

• After you SUBMIT, PAAC will wait several hours to Review and Accept your submission. Once it has been ACCEPTED, you may no longer edit it.

CHECK YOUR EMAIL. If you do not see a message (almost immediately) from Artgalleria re your submission, review your Portal to be sure you have SUBMITTED each Artwork.

• Again, please review for correctness upfront.

If you *must* make changes after your submission(s) are Accepted, please contact Lindy: Phone: 262-719-6348.

Thank You for participating, and Good Luck in the Showcase of Art 2023 Contest!


Best of Show - 3D - The Book Dress by Finley Peterson - Oconomowoc High School


1st place 3D- Baddha Konasana by Grace Schaetz - Brookfield East HS

2nd place 3D- Mother Earth by Liv Byczek - Oconomowoc HS

3rd place 3D- Flying & Falling by Jeffrey Lambert - Oconomowoc HS

3D Honorable Mentions

Balanced by Emma Fellows - Brookfield Central HS

Pavlov by Aaron Crisostomo - Waukesha West HS

Family Love by Kara Doerr - St. John’s NW Military Academy

Bee Cello by Lauren Wright - Kettle Moraine HS

Coral Fish by Jessica Linzer - Kettle Moraine HS


1st place 2D- - Malformations by Hanna Holverson- Oconomowoc HS

2nd place 2D- Pursuit of Happiness by Gisselle Dominguez - UW- Milwaukee at Waukesha

3rd place 2D - Untitled by Lauren Boysa- Oconomowoc HS

2D Honorable Mentions

Covered Face by Sierra Studer- Kettle Moraine HS

Chipmunk by Abby Gomand- Menomonee Falls HS

Hanging by Elijah Wartgow- Sussex Hamiltion HS

Self Portrait by Samantha Surges - Brookfield East HS

Open Window by Elizabeth Delfosse - Waukesha South HS


1st place - Perspective by Anamarie Casper - Arrowhead HS

2nd place - Modern Atlantis by Brynne Hill - Arrowhead HS

3rd place - Flying Sparks by Charlie

Bourdo - Oconomowoc HS

Photography/Digital Honorable Mentions

Frostbite by Naomi Wilson - Menomonee Falls HS

Isolation by Aliya Rodenkirch - Oconomowoc HS

A Rainy Glow by Gemma Crownover- Menomonee Falls HS

Wonderful Waterfall by Carlen Smyczyk - Catholic Memorial

Prickle by Hailey Bethke - University Lake School

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